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Gangster Garden

2h 15min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director

As if the city weren’t facing enough hurdles, South Central is plagued with a high number of fast-food restaurants and liquor stores encouraging residents to maintain poor diets and live in a state of intoxication.  THE RON FINLEY PROJECT is a surrealist take on an activist-driven documentary film exploring the social strife Ron Finley coined the “Death Cycle:.  World renown activist and guerrilla gardener, Ron Finley, an uncompromising credence that those most affected by Death Cycles also have the power to end the pandemic.  Finley finds the solution to be straightforward-stop eating bullshit.  By encouraging residents to boycott liquor stores and fast-food franchises, and to alternatively grow their own produce, Finley believes he can put an end to food apartheid.

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